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Protective rage.


We are all in a protective rage.

Some of immediate worries,

And some of long term troubles.

Every one of us, 

Fuelled by love, 

For our family.


How must we respond,

To our world in chaos? 


It’s as simple as that.


First, have empathy for thyself.

Take breath in the pain,

To sieve smoke for meaning.

Have empathy for those, 

Whose decisions you hate.

Have empathy for those, 

Whose actions seem unfathomable.

Have empathy for the land,

Whom gives us life. 

And the chaos will become clarity.

'Every one of us,

fuelled by love,

for our family.'

'Have empathy (...) And the chaos will become clarity.'

This piece was written by Kaiya Jones (Actor, Filmmaker, Bridge maker) in response to the public reactions to the UK political election results.

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